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5 ways to engage with your clients

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

In today's marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult to fully engage with customers, due to globalization, social media, time constraints and competition. Many companies are turning to digital marketing and AI(Artificial intelligence) as well as other technologies to capture, nurture, and synthesize human behavior.

Engaged and excited customers bring in 23% more profits. When humans are excited it triggers many emotional responses the main one being engagement.

1. Connect on an emotional level.

Show the human side of the company this will build trust and credibility. i.e. Post videos and pictures of employees doing everyday things that customers and potential customers can relate too. Allow chats or interaction through the website and social media, engage in feedback to show appreciation.

2. Forums & Groups.

Create a forum or group to interact with customers and like minded people to stay informed and build your brand loyalty. Forums are a quick method of communicating tips, building brand awareness, and getting a customers view of your product or brand. Most social networks Facebook, LinkedIn etc allow you to build communities, which is a bonus as most of your customers would be on these platforms already.

3. Freebies or a Competition.

Always a winner for the customer and a brilliant PR exercise for any business. A giveaway invokes excitement and grabs everyone's attention and a competition promotes engagement and thought, Both are good mediums for collecting data and maybe even an online survey. The opportunity of spending 5 minutes to gain a free item or to be in with a chance of winning a competition is too good to miss, how many times have you heard a person say "I never win anything"

4. Use Technology to get to know your customer and marketplace

Technology and Social media gather vast amounts of data every second of the day, this data is used to build better and well informed networks, companies, interactions and societies. The information is out there waiting to be used in an intelligent way by governments, businesses and analysts to predict the trends of tomorrow. Most businesses can use this to offer discounts, freebies, enhance communication and travel links,create timetables and route planning, build communities etc.

5. Make your customer feel a part of the team.

Give your customer a behind the scenes tour of your office, store or workshop. The reality of a no holds bar tour creates a sense of trust. Customers would feel a part of the brand enhancing their loyalty to the business and promoting conversation i.e. "word of mouth promotion".


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