"Clearview-Analyst put our business back on track."

After an amazing first year of running our social care business(Cura-care Yorkshire Ltd), we found ourselves in a challenging position.

My business partner and I had lost our way, the communication between us was fractious and lacking focus and sadly we had come to a standstill in terms of business growth.

Our clients were happy and well supported by the services we offered. But the business wasn’t moving forward at all, we were starting to feel stuck, new ideas weren’t flowing and our business plan felt very basic and limiting.

My business partner and I decided to seek external help & advice, so we contacted Colin at Clearview-Analyst.

After an initial assessment & business health check, immediately we agreed on an individualised action plan with Colin to move things forward. We were absolutely astounded by how insightful and accurate Colin’s assessment was, and how the tasks we subsequently completed had such a positive impact on our situation.

We started to communicate more positively than we had in recent months.   We explored our ideas with newfound energy and created some pretty amazing future business plans. Now we are in a new phase and about to launch an amazing project in February 2020 The ME Project @themeprojectdoncaster!

Sometimes it just takes someone special to unlock what is already inside.

Thank you Clearview-Analyst


Kathryn Bell (Director) - Cura-Care Yorkshire Ltd

"Clearview-Analyst Gave Me the Foresight"

Micash Fitness started out as Personal training for individuals, but since speaking with Clearview-Analyst it has become so much more than Personal training. After the initial assessment, there were projects and plans that I didn't even realise were possible giving my business so many different income streams and a solid future moving forward. I was amazed and excited at how much wealth of knowledge and imagination I had from the few conversations we had.

Mike - MicashFiness Personal Trainer Nottingham